Strength Stretch Bracelet Stack


Strength Stretch Bracelet Stack

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Intention: protection + transformation + grounding + strength
Gemstones: black agate + crystal quartz + larvakite + tourmalated quartz
Mantra: I intend to stay grounded + discover my inner strength.
Chakra: Crown (sahaswara)

Find your inner power and confidence with our Strength Stretch Bracelet Stack. Each of the five bracelets in this set is handcrafted with semi-precious black agate, crystal quartz, larvakite and tourmalated quartz gemstone beads. They easily slide on and off your wrist thanks to their elastic design, and can be worn separately or all together as a stack. The bracelets also include a detachable mini tassel that coordinates with the colors of the gemstones.

Beads: 8mm
Circumference: 7”