While some mala bead lovers only use their malas for meditation, many people also wear them as a daily reminder to stay mindful + focused on their intentions. And if you're one of those people who likes to wear your mala as a piece of wellness jewelry (like us!), you may be left wondering about some unexpected ways to style your malas. After all, you already know how to toss on a necklace, stack some bracelets or adjust your wrap mala. But if you're searching for some new styling ideas that will take your mindful mala game to the next level, we've got three looks we bet you haven't already tried:

No. 1

Get the stacked-bracelet effect without having to wear a million bracelets by pairing one of our adjustable wrap malas with a set of bracelets in complementary colors. We love how the Tiger's Eye and Botswana Agate bracelets above pick up on some of the gemstones and colors in the Wood Wrap Mala.

No. 2:

Start by choosing a 108-bead mala necklace made from 8mm beads; this creates a longer mala that will fall almost to the bottom of your torso. Next, layer on an adjustable wrap mala, worn lariat style, then add a pair of mala bracelets to finish the look. You can choose pieces all in the same gemstone color family, but we also like wearing styles in multiple hues for more of a statement style.

No. 3:

Selecting a mala with smaller, 6mm beads will give you a slightly shorter necklace, which is perfect for pairing with an adjustable wrap mala. When layering a mala and wrap mala, we like to double up our wrap mala and let the tassel hang as a pendant.

Want some other ways to style your favorite malas? Scroll through this gallery to see how we wear ours: