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How to Live in a State of Well 'BE'-ing


How to Live in a State of Well 'BE'-ing

At the close of 2016, I paused to write my intentions for the New Year, as well as my own personal mantra for the year ahead: be mindful. be inspired. be well.

I stopped myself from writing my usual “I am” affirmation mantra, changing it instead to an active state of “BE-ing.”



Releasing Intentions for the New Year

As part of a new family tradition we started last year, we hit the road towards the desert for a retreat to a place where we can appreciate nature, be away from the distractions of our everyday life, and be together to meditate on our plans for the year before us. This year we selected a getaway retreat in Joshua Tree, California to spend three quality days "off the grid," so to speak.  

We made the conscious decision to use this special time to reflect on all we are grateful for, be outside and breathe fresh air, meditate in the silence of the desert, cook healthy clean food, relax and read, and talk about our hopes, dreams, and goals for 2016 and beyond. Our intention in going on this New Year retreat is not only to relax and recharge, but also to mindfully release our joint desires to the universe with the hope that the energy we express will manifest into reality.

I hope that whatever your plans are for the New Year, you experience a sense of renewal + rejuvenation and are inspired to release your intentions to the universe. May your New Year be filled with health + wellness, and may you shine and share your light. 




How to Punch Up Your New Year’s Eve Outfit  with Mala Gemstones


How to Punch Up Your New Year’s Eve Outfit with Mala Gemstones

Ring in the new year with good cheer and intention. Adding gemstone mala beads to a midnight ensemble not only livens up your outfit, but adds conscious style and instills properties like peace, creativity, and harmony—perfect for manifesting your dreams and passion projects for the upcoming year.

View our looks below to see how you can pair beautiful, hand-crafted gemstone malas with your NYE outfit:   


Pair Black Agate Malas with a dark blazer, a bold scarf, and tiger’s eye beads for the strength and clarity needed to conquer your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Pictured: Black Agate Om Charm Bracelet, Tiger’s Eye Om Charm Bracelet

A Pyrite Mala Necklace promotes focus and adds style and sophistication for a rooftop NYE soiree.

Pictured: Pyrite 108 Bead Hand-Knotted Mala Necklace


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