“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” - Jessica Harrelson

There’s so much to love about spring: Flowers blossom, the sun comes out to play, the weather gets warmer, and there’s a feeling of change and new beginnings in the air. It’s also a chance to spring clean your home and refresh your wardrobe. To that end, here are just five of our favorite gemstones that capture the spirit and natural beauty of the spring season:

promotes unconditional love

Prehnite Mala_Model_05.jpg

Prehnite is a transformative stone that promotes spiritual growth and allows for personal evolution. Named after its 18th century Dutch discoverer—Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn—prehnite is especially helpful for visualizing goals and dreams, while improving your memory and recollection.

As a spiritual stone, prehnite enhances your intuition, encourages you to follow your heart and prepares you to handle any situation that may arise. As a grounding stone, it allows you to clear your mind and smoothly transition into a meditative state.

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promotes meditation

MalaMantra-Gemstone-Goddess-01-LA76-Photography-111 (1).JPG

Aquamarine is a calming stone that helps one reach a higher state of consciousness. From the Latin phrase aqua marina—meaning "sea water," which describes the stone's bluish-green color—aquamarine has a soothing and relaxing effect similar to that of water.

As a reflective stone (its color resembling the sea's reflection of the sky), aquamarine is wonderful for meditation and revelation. As a healing stone, it helps provide greater courage and clarity, while encouraging its wearer to approach humanity with compassion.

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promotes love

Rose Quartz Wrap Mala_Product_09.jpg

Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love that enhances compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort. Known as the "Heart Stone", it helps you heal emotional wounds and resentments, allowing you to give and receive love from others.

It attracts love, deepens your bond with friends and family, and helps you see the beauty in all beings and nature. As a nurturing stone, it is calming, reassuring and helps you find personal fulfillment. It strengthens your sense of empathy and helps you accept necessary change. 

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promotes tranquility

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Howlite Turquoise is an ultra-calming stone that relieves anxiety and helps you focus your mind during meditation. Named after Henry How—the 19th century mineralogist who first discovered the stone in Nova Scotia—howlite turquoise is a stone of awareness that brings wisdom and enlightenment.

It removes distracting thoughts and helps you more easily let go of unhealthy attachments and emotional scars. As a peaceful stone, it helps you better process your emotions, softens anger and irrationality, and opens your heart to show greater generosity.

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promotes clarity


Rainbow Fluorite is a stabilizing stone that keeps you grounded, sharpens your intuition and improves mental clarity. It is also useful for grounding spiritual energy. From the Latin word fluo—meaning “to flow,” which describes the way its many colors flow into one another—rainbow fluorite is a calming and relaxing stone that enhances free thinking, concentration and creativity.

As a highly protective stone, it wards off negative energy, shields you from manipulation, and relieves tension and anxiety. As a stone of structure, it brings order to your life, improves your decision-making skills and boosts your self-confidence.

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