With all the different types of meditation out there—mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, visualization meditation, chakra meditation, and transcendental meditation, just to name a few—there is a type of practice to suit every practitioner. And while we enjoy and have much respect for them all, one of our favorite forms of meditation is loving-kindness meditation. Also known as metta meditation, this practice asks you to bestow love and compassion upon yourself, your loved ones and all beings + humanity. In a world full of conflict and pain, this type of meditation has become more important than ever.

That’s why we wanted to craft a collection that would embody the compassion and empathy that loving-kindness meditation is all about. The result: our new Metta Mala collection.


If you’ve been following Mala and Mantra for a while, then you’re probably familiar with our Crafted for a Cause Program. This initiative allows us to assist a cause that’s close to our hearts. Each year, we choose a different non-profit and create a special collection that benefits the organization; past collections have included Be Well (benefiting Wellness for Cancer) and Be Mindful (benefiting the Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego Health).

This year, we’ve partnered with the Insight Meditation Society, a nonprofit retreat center in Barre, Massachusetts, where attendees can learn to meditate and deepen their practice. This meditation center was co-founded by Sharon Salzberg, one of the world’s leading experts in the study and practice of loving-kindness meditation (another inspiration for our Metta Mala collection!). You can learn all about the Insight Meditation Society at www.dharma.org.

For every purchase of the Metta Mala collection, Mala and Mantra will donate $5 for each bracelet and $10 for each necklace sold to the Insight Meditation Society. Our hope is that we can help spread the messages and benefits of meditation to more people around the world, while also encouraging others to practice loving-kindness (metta) meditation.


Each piece in this collection is handcrafted using sustainably sourced rosewood beads and five semi-precious gemstones, each of which was mindfully chosen to embody loving-kindness: garnet to promote energy, rhodonite to promote humanity, rose quartz to promote love, ruby quartz to promote compassion and sunstone to promote connection. Keep reading to learn more about the styles in the new Metta Mala collection, and shop them all here.

with elastic bands for easy on-and-off styling
(styles starting at $30)

hand-knotted with a detachable charm ($65)


made for mixing and matching or wearing all at once
(styles starting at $125)

available in 54- and 108-bead varieties
(styles starting at $115)