With the New Year already upon us, practically everyone has goals and resolutions and intentions on their mind. And whether you actually made them or not, we’ve got a new collection that was specifically designed to help you realize your intentions and bring them to life in the year ahead. Because as the great Wayne Dyer says, “Our intention creates our reality.”

Meet Live With Intention, a premium mala bead collection made up of seven semi-precious gemstone colorways, each of which represents a different intention to call into your life in 2019. Each intention colorway also aligns with one of the seven chakras, helping you bring it into alignment for greater well-being. 


Featuring both smooth and faceted gemstones, this collection includes a trio of designs: A hand-knotted Om Charm bracelet, a 108-bead adjustable wrap mala and—for the first time!—a stretch bracelet stack featuring 4-5 bracelets. Keep reading to learn more about each of the intentions, shop the collection here, and subscribe to Mala and Mantra emails to download your very own 2019 Intentions Journal for free!


Intention: passion + compassion + love + humanity
Gemstones: garnet + rhodonite + rose quartz + ruby quartz
Mantra: I intend to show compassion for all sentient beings.
Chakra: Root (muladhara)

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Intention: confidence + creativity + wisdom
Gemstones: bronzite + picture jasper + yellow jade
Mantra: I intend to embrace life with optimism, courage + wisdom.
Chakra: Sacral (svadhisthana)

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Intention: energy + manifestation + transformation
Gemstones: moonstone + yellow jade + yellow quartz
Mantra: I intend to release + empower the goddess within me.
Chakra: Solar plexus (manipura)

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Intention: abundance + unconditional love + gratitude
Gemstones: moss agate + prehnite + ruby zoisite
Mantra: I intend to be grateful for all my blessings + experiences.
Chakra: Heart (anahata)

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Intention: expression + communication + truth
Gemstones: african turquoise + amazonite + multicolor amazonite
Mantra: I intend to fearlessly express my true self.
Chakra: Throat (vishuddha)

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Intention: serenity + awareness + clarity
Gemstones: amethyst + aquamarine + rainbow fluorite
Mantra: I intend to practice peace + trust my intuition.
Chakra: Third eye (ajna)

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Intention: protection + transformation + grounding + strength
Gemstones: black agate + crystal quartz + larvakite + tourmalated quartz
Mantra: I intend to stay grounded + discover my inner strength.
Chakra: Crown (sahaswara)

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