We say this all the time, and continue to stick by it: Mala and Mantra is about so much more than just handcrafted mala bead jewelry. We create mala beads as a way to spread the messages of mindfulness and meditation, and to provide our customers with a greater sense of happiness and wellness. After all, it’s right there in our tagline: Consciously created style empowering women through wellness.

We’re big believers in making wellness of all kinds—mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and so on—a priority in our lives, which is why we’re constantly trying to find ways to improve the wellness of ourselves, our customers and the fair trade women artisans we work with. So to celebrate Global Wellness Day 2018, we wanted to share one of our newest wellness initiatives with you: The M-powered Living Experience.


The M-powered Living Experience (MLX) is a retreat day designed to help individuals “Live Life M-powered.” These interactive events are meant to leave attendees feeling inspired, restored and renewed, with a greater sense of well-being and a deeper connection between their mind, body + spirit. M-powered is our term for empowerment, which refers to any activity that leaves someone feeling stronger, more confident, and more capable of representing their interests and acting on their own authority. To us, a feeling of empowerment is crucial to owning and improving your sense of wellness.

To help M-power others, we’re partnering with a number of Mala and Mantra spa and hotel partners around the world to create day-long retreats filled with three M-powering wellness activities:

  • MEDITATE: As we mentioned above, mindfulness and meditation are two pillars of our brand mission, which is to spread the benefits of these practices around the world and bring individuals more peace and happiness within. The MEDITATE section of MLX can include everything from a guided meditation, an introductory mindfulness class, mantra meditation using mala beads, breathwork technique or a sound healing class.

  • MAKE: Creative expression is a beautiful way to channel one’s true self and field of infinite possibilities. The MAKE section of MLX can include activities that help attendees tap into their creativity within, such as mala-making workshops, mandala coloring classes, mindful cooking lessons or mixed-media art classes.

  • MOVE: Movement is an important part of an overall state of well-being, helping our bodies connect to our mind and spirit. It’s also an expression of our inner strength. The MOVE section of MLX can include activities like yoga, pilates, tai chi, dance, or mindful hiking and walking adventures.

With MLX, we want to increase the wellness of our attendees, and to M-power individuals by making them stronger and more confident in living their truth. We’re proud to work with Mala and Mantra retail partners like Montage Laguna Beach, who hosted an MLX event at their property in May, complete with a mala-making workshop, a mindful beach walk overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and healing yoga and sound meditation. It was a truly intimate and inspiring event, and we’re confident that all of our attendees left filled with a sense of wellness and M-powerment.

Healing sound meditation led by Ava Levine at the Montage Laguna Beach MLX event in May.

It’s our goal to host even more MLX events around the country and globe in the coming months and years. If you’d like to learn more about the events and be notified when the next one is happening, sign up for our email list here.

Wishing you wellness,
The Mala and Mantra team