Unless you’re one of those rare people who are really good at gift giving, picking the perfect present for everyone on your list can be tough (and somewhat stressful, if we’re being totally honest). So to help you out, we not only created our handy Holiday Gift Guide, but will also be bringing you themed gift ideas every week throughout the month. First up: Mindful jewelry that’s ideal for anyone who needs a little more love, compassion, healing and comfort in their lives!

Rose Quartz Gemstone Jewelry, $41-$125

For centuries, rose quartz has been the gemstone associated with all things love. Known as the Heart Stone, it is a crystal of unconditional love that enhances compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort. It helps you heal emotional wounds and resentments, allowing you to give and receive love from others.

Rose quartz attracts love, deepens your bond with friends and family, and helps you see the beauty in all beings and nature. As a nurturing stone, it calms, reassures and helps you find personal fulfillment. It also strengthens your sense of empathy and allows you to accept necessary change.

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Green Aventurine Mala Bracelet with Anahata Charm, $50

Also known as one of the luckiest crystals in existence, green aventurine is a soothing stone that eases emotional pain and helps you know that life’s challenges are never permanent.

Green aventurine aligns with the Heart Chakra—anahata in Sanskrit—and represents love, bringing you a greater sense of compassion, generosity and gratitude.

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Rhodonite + Lava Rock Mala Bracelet with Essential Oil Blend, $72

Rhodonite is a one-of-a-kind gemstone that’s known to promote love and a greater sense of humanity, while enhancing your ability to show compassion toward yourself and others. This brand new bracelet combines semi-precious rhodonite beads with a trio of black lava stones, and is paired with an exclusive “I Love” essential oil blend from Body Bliss. This aromatherapy scent features notes of amber, neroli, vanilla, sandalwood and cajeput to keep you grounded, relax the body, release stress and tension, and ease joint and muscle pain.

The essential oil can be dabbed directly onto the lava rock, which will absorb and diffuse its healing scent for up to 24 hours. The bracelet and matching essential oil come paired in a cute Mala and Mantra gift box, making it the perfect present for anyone on your list.

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Prehnite 54-Bead Necklace, $214

Prehnite is a transformative stone that represents unconditional love, promotes spiritual growth and allows for personal evolution. It is especially helpful for visualizing and manifesting the goals and dreams that set your soul on fire. As a spiritual stone, prehnite enhances your intuition, encourages you to follow your heart and prepares you to handle any situation that may arise.

This beautiful necklace features faceted, semi-precious gemstone beads with a toggle closure and detachable tassel. It’s part of our Gemstone Goddess collection, which encourages you to release the goddess within.

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Garnet Mala Necklace, $281

Garnet is an energizing stone that promotes love, strengthens relationships and attracts abundance into your life. As an ancient symbol of friendship, it is known to enhance your sense of loyalty, devotion and self-esteem.

Garnet is a balancing stone that stimulates your desires, lifts your spirits, increases your passion for life and provides emotion stability. This sensual stone also soothes unwanted emotional pain and acts as a personal protector against negativity from those around you.

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