As a designer and true creative type, I take a lot of inspiration from the world around me when I'm dreaming up new mala bead collections. And for years, I’ve been fascinated by the Chinese philosophy on the Five Elements. It’s the idea that five elements—earth, fire, metal, water + wood—are the fundamental foundation of everything in the universe, affecting the relationships and interactions between all things. It’s believed that each element has its own characteristics and associations with different aspects of nature, and that they all complement one another to create greater balance and harmony.

Because we could all use a little more balance and harmony in our lives, I decided to design a collection dedicated to the Five Elements, in the hopes of promoting the positive properties associated with each individual element. Every piece in this collection captures the spirit and colorway of the five elements, helping you embody a particular element’s characteristics, while staying connected to the universe + those who reside within it.

Each element also comes with a personalized mantra, which can be repeated throughout the day to help you channel the spirit of the element.

I am  M I N D F U L  as is the  E A R T H

Featuring picture jasper, green aventurine, tiger’s eye + African turquoise gemstone beads to promote mindfulness, harmony, prosperity + courage. Shop now >

I am  P A S S I O N A T E  as is  F I R E

Featuring red aventurine, yellow jade, red jasper + sunstone gemstone beads to promote passion, energy, transformation + connection. Shop now >

I am  S T R O N G  as is  M E T A L

Featuring crystal quartz, white howlite, labradorite + pyrite gemstone beads to promote strength, focus, patience + clarity. Shop now >

I am  C A L M  as is  W A T E R

Featuring African turquoise, howlite turquoise, amazonite + green aventurine gemstone beads to promote tranquility, prosperity, expression + communication. Shop now >

I am  G R O U N D E D  as is  W O O D

Featuring smoky quartz, Botswana agate, picture jasper + tiger’s eye gemstone beads to promote harmony, confidence, courage + creativity. Shop now >

Which element speaks to your soul?

Wishing wellness,