There are so many things about owning my own business that make me feel grateful—total creative freedom, building a brand from scratch, and (possibly my favorite) being able to focus on things that are really important to me + making them a priority in my company. By this point, you probably already know that this includes M-powering women (and the world) through wellness via our work with the incredible female artisans at our Fair Trade cooperative in the Philippines. It also includes the opportunity to support organizations + causes we care about through our Crafted for a Cause program. (If you haven’t seen our new Be Well collection, go check it out now. We’re donating $5 for every piece sold to Wellness for Cancer.)

Another cause I’m passionate about that’s at the core of Mala and Mantra: sustainability. In fact, it’s right there in our tagline: Fair, sustainable fashion. And it’s a brand promise we take seriously, not just around Earth Day, but every time we even think of designing a new line. When I created Mala and Mantra a few years ago, I knew I wanted to produce eco-friendly accessories that everyone could feel good about wearing. After all, we’re a brand that wants to be mindful in everything we do, and that includes being conscious + considerate of how we make an impact on this precious place known as earth. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama once said: “It is our collective and individual responsibility to protect and nurture the global family, to support its weaker members, and to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.”

That’s why I spent—and continue to spend—countless hours searching for the best all-natural, semi-precious gemstones + sustainable woods to handcraft each and every piece of our mindful mala jewelry. To me, using responsibly sourced gemstones + woods is just one easy way to help protect the environment and do some good for the earth.

As with every Mala and Mantra product, our Five Elements collection is crafted using all-natural, semi-precious gemstones. The Earth malas and bracelets feature picture jasper, green aventurine, tiger's eye + African turquoise gemstone beads to capture the spirit of the earth and embody mindfulness, harmony, prosperity + courage. Shop them here.

As my promise to all of you this Earth Day, I can assure you that we’ll continue searching for new + even better ways to lessen our impact on the environment. And to inspire you to do the same, try reciting this simple meditative mantra in celebration of Earth Day this Saturday:
i am mindful. i am responsible. i am protective.

Wishing wellness, sustainability + a beautiful Earth Day,