Though it’s hard to believe that March is already rolling around, I’m so excited it is, as it’s one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is the month when we officially welcome spring, but it’s also a time when I think a lot about empowerment (or as we like to call it at M+M, M-powerment). That’s because March is the month when we celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8), a day when we all come together to recognize the social, economic, cultural + political achievements of every incredible woman across the world.

And this idea of women’s M-powerment is something that's very dear to my heart, and central to both my mission in life and the mission of Mala and Mantra. From the time I first developed the idea for M+M several years ago, I knew I wanted to find a way to give back and M-power women—both those who wore M+M products and the ones who were responsible for bringing my designs and ideas to life. That’s why I formed a partnership with a Fair Trade cooperative of female artisans in the Philippines. This co-op is filled with immensely talented women who handcraft, thread + knot each and every M+M piece. In exchange, we provide these women with a sustainable income, fair wages + a safe working environment, while M-powering them to provide a better life for both themselves and their families. I’ve had the great honor to visit with these artisans on several occasions, and each time I leave with a renewed sense of M-powerment to continue pursuing my own life’s passion, as well as deep gratitude for the chance to allow other women to do the same.

While we are so proud to be able to partner with and M-power these women, we’re equally as dedicated to providing our customers with pieces that M-power them to live in a state of well BE-ing and lead more mindful, meditative, fully present lives. After all, with everything busy women do these days—run companies, hold public office, raise families, stay active in their communities, change the world—it can be easy to forget that we must take care of ourselves, too. Each M+M piece is designed with the intention to do just that: M-power yourself to take charge of your wellness through mindful mala jewelry that helps embody exactly what you’re looking for in the present moment, be it strength, compassion, intuition, serenity, enlightenment + so many things in between. My hope is that any time you put on one of our mala bead necklaces, bracelets or wrap malas, you’ll feel confident and M-powered to put your wellness first so you can be fully, thoughtfully + healthfully present to do anything you want. And by anything, I mean everything.

Wishing wellness + your most M-powered March,