Since our monthly mission for February is love, I decided to share one of the mantras I wrote one day while meditating. When I was reciting one of my favorite mantras ("inhale love...exhale compassion"), the question came to me: What is compassion?

My immediate response to myself was that compassion is the practice of loving kindness towards others.  I then delved deeper into the concept of loving kindness and came across this wonderful quote from the Dalai Lama:

If we all mindfully practiced loving kindness towards others in our daily lives, think how much peace and happiness that would generate. It is so easy in our 24/7/365, technology-driven, stressed-out world to lose sight of simple actions such as kindness.

I challenge myself and all of you to try to practice at least one act of loving kindness towards others every day. See how it makes you feel. I hope that after you try it for a few days, you begin to feel the energy of the love you extended coming back to you. When I have practiced this, it is amazing how good my soul feels. Try it and spread the LOVE!