What our wonderful retailers and partners are saying about Mala and Mantra:

"Mala and Mantra bracelets and necklaces have been a real success in our spa. The designs are amazing. The whole concept is so spiritual and very engaging. Anyone would be happy to wear such a beautiful piece of jewelry that tells such a compelling story. The packaging and the presentation are so unique. Judy is professional and such a pleasure to work with. You will be delighted by everything, starting with the opening of each new shipment."

Philippe Brenot, Director of Purchasing and Retail, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch

"Mala and Mantra is a beautiful complement to our spa retail space. From the stones to the story to the intentions, Stillwater Spa is proud to carry M+M!"

Erica Korpi, Director of Spa at the Stillwater Spa, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort

"My business partner, Lynne, and I were first introduced to Mala and Mantra at a Live Love Spa event in San Diego, where we were each given a bracelet as a parting gift. Upon arriving home, I threw my gift bag on the dresser, completely forgetting about it and the bracelet inside. A few weeks later, Lynne and I were preparing for a life-changing business meeting. Feeling suddenly drawn to my Mala and Mantra bracelet, I opened up its package to reveal both a bracelet and a story card with a mantra. So I put on my bracelet and recited 108 times: 'I am fortunate. I am extraordinary. I am fearless.' After reciting the mantra, I picked up Lynne, who--to my astonishment--was also wearing her bracelet for the very first time. That day, our meeting was a huge success, and we swear it was because of our Mala and Mantra bracelets (and a lot of hard work)! Needless to say, I never leave my house without my M+M bracelet; it's my good luck charm, and it looks great, too."

Lori Mulligan, Co-Founder of Pure Inventions Antioxidant Water Enhancers